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Thomas Nassiff 06/17/12 05:03 PM

Weekly Tour Roundup (06/17/12)
Too often, we hear about a new tour, get excited for it...then forget about it. Before we know it, the tour has moved past our city and we're stuck waiting months to see our favorite bands. Now, you can use our weekly tour roundup to never miss another show in your city. In the replies, you'll find a layout of current and future tours in North America, the UK/Europe, Australia and South America, with links to information about the dates. We try to remember every tour, but if you have one to add that we missed, just format it like we do and leave it for us to add. Head to the replies to talk about which tours you're most excited for.

Thomas Nassiff 06/17/12 05:03 PM

Current Tours
North America
Against Me! [Now-06/23]
Motion City Soundtrack, The Front Bottoms, The Henry Clay People [Now-07/01]
The Rocket Summer, States, The Scene Aesthetic [Now-07/06]
Foxy Shazam, Stars In Stereo [Now-07/13]
Reel Big Fish, Goldfinger, Big D and the Kids Table, Suburban Kids [Now-07/28]
The Bouncing Souls, The Menzingers [Now-08/05]
Warped Tour (Now-08/05)
Russian Circles, Chelsea Wolfe, Marriages [06/18-08/24]
Paper Route, HalfNoise [06/19-06/30]
Dinosaur Jr. [06/22-10/27]
You Blew It! [06/23-07/28]

Moving Mountains [Now-07/02]
Kate Nash [Now-07/04]
August Burns Red [Now-07/06]
Pennywise [Now-07/13]
Texas In July [06/23-07/21]

Future Tours
North America
The Company We Keep [06/28-07/21]
Right Away, Great Captain!, Casey Crescenzo [07/11-07/22]
Forever The Sickest Kids, Plug In Stereo, Paradise Fears [07/11-07/22]
Murder By Death, Cory Chisel [07/12-08/25]
Armor For Sleep [07/14, 07/20, 07/22]
The Cab, Parachute [07/16-08/18]
Strung Out, Such Gold, Handguns [07/17-08/14]
Dead End Path, Soul Search, Basement, Daylight [07/20-08/09]
Relient K, Hellogoodbye, William Beckett, House of Heroes [07/22-08/11]
The xx [07/23-08/02]
Texas In July [07/27-08/12]
Joyce Manor, Algernon Cadwallader [07/28-08/24]
Evanescence, Chevelle, Halestorm, New Medicine [07/31-09/05]
Andy Hull [08/03-08/19]
Lostprophets [08/07-08/14]
Silverstein, Such Gold, Lions Lions, Daytrader [08/16-08/26]
Metric [09/06-10/10]
Frank Turner [09/07-09/30]
Rise Against, The Gaslight Anthem, Hot Water Music [09/11-10/07]
David Byrne & St. Vincent [09/15-10/20]
Tegan And Sara, The Black Keys [10/01-10/06]
Lagwagon, Dead To Me, The Flatliners, Useless ID [10/03-10/26]

Sum 41 [07/06-08/02]
Against Me! [07/13-08/03]
Hawthorne Heights, Maker, Kyoto Drive [09/19-10/02]
Joyce Manor, Apologies I Have None [09/21-10/05]
Russian Circles, Eagle Twin [09/26-10/06]
Transit, Lower Than Atlantis, The Dangerous Summer, Don Broco [10/01-10/11]
Architects, While She Sleeps, Heights [10/11-11/03]
August Burns Red, The Devil Wears Prada [10/18-11/19]
Every Time I Die, Stray From The Path, Last Witness [10/24-11/04]
A Loss For Words, Save Your Breath, Decade, LYU [10/26-11/10]
Muse [10/16-12/18]

Transit, Anchors [08/15-08/26]
Pennywise, The Menzingers, Sharks [08/23-08/29]

South America
RX Bandits [07/26-07/29]
August Burns Red [08/11-08/19]
Miss May I, Asking Alexandra [09/22-09/30]

Fil_22 06/17/12 05:08 PM

Australia has some wicked tours going through there pretty soon. Really jealous of those shows and their all round great festivals.

Thomas Nassiff 06/17/12 05:12 PM

Would love to hear some thoughts on this new roundup feature, whether you guys will use it...whether you think Sunday afternoon/evening is a good time to see this in the news feed. Feel free to leave thoughts!

Alex DiVincenzo 06/17/12 05:28 PM

Love this.

phaynes1 06/17/12 05:31 PM

Praise be. Really like this idea. I always forget when/where tours are going and keeping track on facebook is a real pain in the dick.

knash9 06/17/12 05:42 PM

I enjoy this new feature, and I agree it should be posted with the rest of the roundups.

randys950 06/17/12 06:18 PM


Originally Posted by Thomas Nassiff (Post 109487272)
Would love to hear some thoughts on this new roundup feature, whether you guys will use it...whether you think Sunday afternoon/evening is a good time to see this in the news feed. Feel free to leave thoughts!

it's amazing!!

CarouselBoy 06/17/12 06:44 PM

I always just type it into my iPhone calendar when I find out but this is good for any tours I've not heard of

Thomas Nassiff 06/17/12 07:00 PM

I'm glad you guys like it cause it took a long time to insert all those links hahahaha.

JustThatGuy 06/17/12 07:34 PM

100% back this because of forgetful people like myself

EndlessPrisoner 06/17/12 08:04 PM

Good job. awesome.

kskillzz 06/17/12 08:16 PM

This is fantastic please continue to do this!

PirateSkater182 06/17/12 08:32 PM

This is an awesome feature! Its good for smaller bands to post their dates in the replies as well.

guitarguy211 06/17/12 10:40 PM

Great idea, so glad you guys are doing this now! And Sundays are a great day for it because there generally isn't a lot of new stuff going on then.