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Jonathan Bautts 06/20/12 12:32 PM

AP.net Interview: Motion City Soundtrack
Our interview with Motion City Soundtrack can be found here.
From the InterviewThrough the last couple of years Iíve noticed this shift with all of my friends getting married and growing up. People are having kids, parents are becoming grandparents, people are dying. I hadnít really noticed that being drunk or whatever for so many years. Then suddenly it was like, ďWhoa, I graduated high school almost 20 years ago. Thatís crazy. What happened? This is really fast.Ē I think Iíve just really been obsessed with that throughout the writing of this record in particular, so almost every song has some form of that in it, in one way or another.

zachff 06/20/12 12:34 PM

Looking forward to seeing these guys Friday night.

Holly HoX! 06/20/12 12:38 PM

Almost lifted directly from that radio interview. Will read.

herestoyoufla 06/20/12 12:42 PM

good questions, good interview.

Born_For_This 06/20/12 01:14 PM

Justin always gives such brilliantly insightful and eloquent interviews. It's was a good read.

justbradley 06/20/12 05:28 PM

Such a great interview. I loved "Go," and love MCS in general, so I definitely had to read this.

ghostastic 06/20/12 06:04 PM

I love how genuine these guys are. True class.

whatsername09 06/20/12 06:42 PM

Great interview. I love this man's mind.

deFobbed14yrs 06/20/12 10:24 PM

Love. Also totally read it in his voice which only made it better.

Nardes 06/21/12 10:19 AM

He's pushing 40?????

carlywedding 06/21/12 11:59 AM


Originally Posted by Nardes (Post 109666742)
He's pushing 40?????

Lmao that's what I thought