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Thomas Nassiff 06/22/12 07:43 AM

fun.'s "We Are Young" Goes Five-Times Platinum
fun.'s "We Are Young" has been certified five-time platinum in the United States. Congratulations to the band and to Fueled By Ramen.

Thomas Nassiff 06/22/12 07:44 AM

Joey-Wan Kenobi 06/22/12 07:52 AM

well then, I feel Fueled By Ramen is now a super-power of the music scene that we all love. sieg heil ramen.

Zack Zarrillo 06/22/12 07:53 AM

It sold a million copies in two days

carlosonthedrums 06/22/12 07:53 AM


WhoSaidThat? 06/22/12 07:55 AM

Damn awesome.

blimpcityhero11 06/22/12 07:57 AM

Crazy that it's been out since September. I think I was over it by October, but I'm still happy for their success.

be mine 06/22/12 07:58 AM

Yes congratulations to Fun. and Fueled by Ramen*

*Atlantic Records

ragnarokstar 06/22/12 08:01 AM

whoa...thats almost as many times as i have heard the song now.

deezee 06/22/12 08:06 AM

Is this the most popular song in the history of FBR?

i like apples 06/22/12 08:08 AM


Originally Posted by ragnarokstar (Post 109711992)
whoa...thats almost as many times as i have heard the song now.


ramomcferno 06/22/12 08:16 AM

Congrats to the band and the label. It is good to see that people are getting back to paying for music!

kemppettyjohn 06/22/12 08:29 AM

Now it's "Some Nights" that needs to climb the charts. This band deserves even more success.

herestoyoufla 06/22/12 08:36 AM

Quite a feat. Good for them!

kismet 06/22/12 08:44 AM

Holy crap that's awesome for them. Hopefully "Some Nights" will do well too.