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brokencyde 06/23/12 08:25 PM

Baby Baby It's Fuck Time!!!!

70x7brandnew 06/23/12 08:26 PM

This is straight up classic Rock n Roll. Love it.

tdlyon 06/23/12 08:29 PM


Originally Posted by TGinTexas (Post 109770442)
I have no problem at all with their sounds. I personally love their earlier work and their latest stuff, I just find it weird that they would write a song with that title. I don't have a problem with it, it's just weird for me. I really have high hopes for these records though.

I wasn't attacking your post personally, I was more using it as an example, haha. I saw your edit and know you love the band, but some people believe what you said but also hate on the band.

Mistle 06/23/12 08:49 PM

art is atrocious but the music sounds alright. the guitar tone is fantastic

runningohfive 06/23/12 09:28 PM

So far this all sounds incredibly interesting and I can't wait for these albums.

TomAce 06/23/12 10:07 PM

sounds fucking awesome to me

themagicrat 06/23/12 10:10 PM

Sounds like pretty classic rock music to me. Probably isn't a bad move after that piece of shit last record.

MTGenocyde 06/23/12 10:27 PM


Originally Posted by tdlyon (Post 109765922)
Jesus, they can't win. First, they mature their sound and everyone wants them to go back to how they were. Now that they have gone back to non-serious lyrics, people criticize them for being too old.

Anyway, I saw this a while ago (the band put it on their Youtube account on Thursday), but I really can't wait for these albums, and especially the inevitable tour.

exactly what i was gonna say

jwicklun 06/23/12 10:55 PM

Sounds fine.

Dazz567 06/23/12 11:15 PM


Originally Posted by TGinTexas (Post 109765612)
I can't be the only one that thinks a 40 year old man writing a song with that title is a little weird

Edit: Clip sounds really good though

How is that weird? You grow up and shed a sense of humor?

randys950 06/23/12 11:47 PM


Originally Posted by themagicrat (Post 109773652)
Sounds like pretty classic rock music to me. Probably isn't a bad move after that piece of shit last record.

I got a bit of a country vibe to it

they should at least release a song from uno first before they release a trailer for dos

PeeDster 06/24/12 03:59 AM

You know what. That sounded good too. That guitar sound is just great.

CarouselBoy 06/24/12 04:25 AM

It just excites me that these clips don't sound like stuff from their last two records. Not that they were bad, they just need to do something different

Born_For_This 06/24/12 04:44 AM

That actually sounded quite good. I'd like these three albums to contain something that sounds like their American Idiot sound and then something new like this.

MathewHeroic 06/24/12 06:25 AM

So stoked.