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Adam Pfleider 06/26/12 12:05 AM

Marriages - Kitsune
Marriages - Kitsune
Record Label: Sargent House
Release Date: May 1, 2012

When three parts of Red Sparowes announced they would be doing a side project last year, I was intrigued into what direction they may take their music. Would it be strictly instrumental, or would it even contain any elements or flow that makes up Red Sparowes. Well, yes and no. See Marriages' debut record builds around a centralized mood much like the movements made in most Red Sparowes albums, but Marriages also packs a fiery rise and release throughout each track, allowing each song to stand out on its own strength versus smaller pieces of the whole.

"Ride in My Place" and "Body of Shade" flow so eloquently into each other, you never notice where one movement of the opening notes of the record ends and where the next movement begins. The gapless interweaving of the overall album is certainly the standout element. While each song strongly stands on its own accord, after repeat listens, it's hard to hear the end of one track and not immediately think of the anticipated beginning of the next. The first two tracks are the weakest foundation of the album personally, but it's its interlocking and stints of vibrant timbre that sets the rest of the overall mood from the start. It's an album that's strange to hear out of order, which can be rare these days. Upon the first few listens of the album months ago, I couldn't shake not hearing "White Shape" follow "Pelt." It was like hearing an incomplete progression - a cause without a direct, distinct effect.

The mid-album "Ten Tiny Fingers" is the album's vortex that sucks in and then releases a display of all the colors and tones found throughout Kitsune - haunting vocals, deep bass lines, shoegazing builds and releases and heavy bellowing from the guitar cabs. The album ends in an exorcising fashion with "Part the Dark Again," slowly building through the counterpoint of vocals and guitars to simply explode through rounded layers reminiscent of the ending of Pink Floyd classics and the Silversun Pickups' best instrumental forces at work. Kitsune relays the best formidable parts of My Bloody Valentine's catalog of strength and musical breath.

Marriages has put out one of the strongest debuts of 2012. Those looking for an album to drown your senses into for the full ride should at least give Kitsune one listen. If you're not returning to the depth of layering and harmony of each individual musical stem counterpointing between the bursts of bright tone and low hums, then I'm not sure about your musical intake. Marriages created a ride not worth getting off until it ends. They're called albums and are made few and far between these days.

Reminds Me OfWarpaint's The Fool; My Bloody Valentine's Isn't Anything; Russian Circles' Geneva

InaGreendase 06/26/12 08:05 AM

Real solid EP. Pretty accurate comparisons. Hopefully their next release has a couple more songs in the vein of "Ten Tiny Fingers".

CoheedForever 06/29/12 02:17 PM

I need to check this out.