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Alex DiVincenzo 06/27/12 11:55 AM

Walk Over The All-American Rejects
The All-American Rejects' music video for "Walk Over Me" can be seen here. It was created using 5,312 pictures.

DecemberFaded 06/27/12 12:00 PM

Wow. Diggin' this tune.

Wayne Warren 06/27/12 12:03 PM

You mean 'Walk over me' .. But yeah, love this song! And The Sweet - Blockbuster riff ;D

MJB12 06/27/12 12:39 PM

Great video! And one of my favorite songs off the album, glad they picked it as a single.

Anthony Sorendino 06/27/12 12:41 PM

Gonzo needs to be a single!

whitelightning7 06/27/12 01:17 PM

I'm glad this song got picked as a single. Right when I heard that huge opening riff, I knew it would have a great chance at being a single.

ChrisCanberg 06/27/12 02:04 PM

Love this song and this video is really interesting. Hope it takes off.

BlinkAvAfan21 06/27/12 02:27 PM

they album is amazing, I hope they continue with the same producer.

gsmartin 06/27/12 03:05 PM

This was a pretty solid album and I definitely like this song and video.

Rysker6 06/27/12 03:41 PM

Still didn't pick this thing up, Im really behind. Going to get this, Periphery II, and I heard the last Hawthorne Heights EP was good.

Ron57 06/27/12 04:07 PM

Such a great album. My favorite song is Gonzo. Though there really isn't a song I don't enjoy on the album.

xrider105 06/27/12 06:10 PM

Great album. Really cool video. It must have taken forever to make! Some of the pictures/quick themes are really interesting.

Nth Degree 06/27/12 07:58 PM

Such a rad video. Fit the song perfectly.

Boucher187 06/28/12 06:36 AM

So glad that they used this as a single. It is different from the whole album and just too catchy not to love.