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Deborah Remus 06/29/12 09:39 AM

Another New Teenage Bottlerocket Song
You can download a new Teenage Bottlerocket song called "Done With Love" here. Freak Out! will be released on Tuesday.

loveshackbaby 06/29/12 11:09 AM

The album is great!

Fame<Infamy 06/29/12 01:51 PM

Good song. Can't figure out how to download it, though..

saddr weirdr 06/29/12 04:31 PM

the whole record is great. definitely my #2 so far this year.

Tony 06/29/12 08:07 PM

The album's really good, but not their best. But it's TBR, so even "not their best" is better than most bands' grade-A material.

JinxRemoving 06/30/12 05:06 AM

This album is so much fun.