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Ryan Gardner 07/02/12 10:00 PM

ABSOLUTExclusive: My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure
Having opened for Mae, Anthony Raneri, and Hellogoodbye, My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure is a pop-punk band from Pennsylvania. The band recently worked with Dave Douglas (ex-Relient K) on their new single "Farewell." Well, today we are happy to premiere the track - hear it at their AP.net Profile or in the replies.

Ryan Gardner 07/02/12 10:00 PM


sammyboy516 07/02/12 10:06 PM

Wow, this is really good!

HollywoodAbalze 07/02/12 10:11 PM

awesome guys, awesome song

Screamcameo 07/02/12 10:29 PM

This song is amazing, super proud of them.

flame_in_darkness 07/03/12 12:21 AM

sweet. rad name also.

GetUpAndrew 07/03/12 12:32 AM

This song is called Farewell, and musically they remind me a lot of the band Farewell. Also, I love your band name, guys.

Archael 07/03/12 12:37 AM

It's pretty good.

aboyandhiscurse 07/03/12 01:00 AM

sounds really 2005ish and i love it.

Jaimehere 07/03/12 02:58 AM

Soundssss good!

So Dave is producing a record? or they just worked with him on this particular song?

InfiniteArms 07/03/12 03:10 AM

It's a sounds a little past it's day. 2005 me would've loved this though.

alert=danger 07/03/12 03:14 AM

Really like this. Definitely has a very '04/'05 pop punk feel to it.
Good fun.


Originally Posted by Ryan Gardner (Post 110182872)

The link to their profile in the main post is slightly off, it's doubled up the absolutepunk.net part...

cut!print 07/03/12 03:36 AM

This is great, never heard of them before. Gives me an early 2000's feel.

trevorshmevor 07/03/12 04:00 AM


Originally Posted by InfiniteArms (Post 110186982)
It's a sounds a little past it's day. 2005 me would've loved this though.

This. Not really a fan of the name, either.

mikenewsbears 07/03/12 05:51 AM

Kind of sounds like the singer of Best Interest mixed with This Providence, "Our Worlds Divorce." Zero problem with this.

Annddd I just realized how old this makes me sound because I'm sure a lot of people here have zero idea of these bands/albums haha. Do some research and get back to me.