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Ryan Gardner 07/02/12 10:07 PM

Time Will Tell - Reflection EP
Time Will TellReflection EP
Record Label: None
Release Date: June 22, 2012

Last year, Time Will Tell turned some heads with their first EP, The Coming Soon. Well, after working with Rob Freeman of Hidden in Plain View (and the producer behind Hit The Lights’ Skip School, Start Fights), the New Jersey boys are back with their follow-up EP, Reflections.

Picking up right where The Coming Soon left off, “The Only Nights That Matter” contains more of the infectious vocal harmonies between Ciardiello, Fernandez, and Larned, creating a very memorable chorus. While the first track is more pop, “Fall Back” has more of a rock jive to it, with the a thick bass line and palm mutes electrifying the vocal harmonies.

However, one thing is for certain throughout these five tracks, Time Will Tell are walking more in a pop-rock direction than a punk one. The mid-tempo “I Gave Her My Heart and She Gave Me a Pen” has a biting pop feel to it as the guys sing, “Again and again I’d walk through hell for you.”

Clearly influenced by bands like Simple Plan and Relient K, Time Will Tell base their sound on infectious pop hooks, noted throughout the “oh-oh”-laden “The One” and “It’s Been A Tough Year For Aries’, the latter of which sounds almost exactly like Simple Plan. The final chanting of “I just want to be myself” becomes the backbone of Reflection, putting Time Will Tell on a road of self-discovery through music. Where that road will take them is what will define Time Will Tell.


Recommended If You LikeRelient K’s Mmhmm; Simple Plan; Hit The Lights

Additional InformationTrack Listing:
1. The Only Nights That Matter
2. Fall Back
3. I Gave Her My Heart and She Gave Me a Pen
4. The One
5. It's Been a Tough Year for Aries'

Time Will Tell are:
Christopher Minor Ciardiello – Vocals, Piano
Cristian Fernandez – Bass, Vocals
Mike Larned – Guitar, Backup Vocals
Matt Gontarek – Guitar
Mike Tizzano – Drums


HollywoodDied 07/03/12 05:41 PM

Everything about this band seemed to be exactly like every other uprising pop-rock band on the outside, but after taking a chance and listening to it, I'm really enjoying it. Very catchy choruses and the presence of three singers sounds great. If these guys keep progressing with a pop-rock mindset, they could make a name for themselves.