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markhimself46 07/07/12 12:11 PM

Slender (Free game download PC, Mac)

This game is starting to make its rounds on the internet. I just played it and am still shaking. It is absolutely TERRIFYING.

The game is based on the "Slenderman" myth. It is a super creepy and atmospheric experience. The game is FREE! Definitely worth checking out. It lasts about 10-30 minutes depending on how quickly you collect the pages.

PC Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?vql3a6fbjq0qbbv
Mac Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?m7m1llo73lw29n8

lordjedediah 07/07/12 12:37 PM

I played for a few minutes, went to the bathrooms in the game and decided to not play again for awhile.

aradiantsunrise 07/07/12 01:08 PM

I want to try it, but I'm a pussy.

ParkwayTom 07/07/12 02:27 PM

Just played it. Goodbye sleep.

blimpcityhero11 07/07/12 02:49 PM

No thanks.

markhimself46 07/07/12 03:34 PM


Originally Posted by ParkwayTom (Post 110329062)
Just played it. Goodbye sleep.

Once the music starts picking up...yikes.

SomedayTheFire 07/07/12 03:43 PM

Will play tomorrow.

Viva Sonata 07/07/12 04:08 PM


Sweet Jesus don't DO that shit.

the seventeenth 07/07/12 04:13 PM

Is this that game with the dated graphics and the first house you walk into was like a birthday celebration? Looked cool/creepy. Funny this is mentioned because I just learned about slenderman recently before having seen this game. Just came upon him when someone mentioned that the ghoul in Sinister seems similar.

LivingTheLyrics 07/07/12 05:59 PM

Super high and super tempted to try this, but in a very more real sense, I am afraid to.

Steve Alcala 07/07/12 06:02 PM


Originally Posted by LivingTheLyrics (Post 110333172)
Super high and super tempted to try this, but in a very more real sense, I am afraid to.

would not suggest this while high.

When the music picks up, you freak out.

Liam_Pace 07/07/12 06:05 PM

i tried to play it but it was too scary

who's with me?

dtrzcin 07/07/12 07:49 PM

I didn't find any pages. I found a little building with a couple of chairs, and then when I walked out there was some man in a suit.

11:11 07/07/12 09:31 PM

Fuck Slender Man. Nightmares and shit.

claw38 07/07/12 09:56 PM

I'll try it, but if I can't sleep I'll be pissed.

Anything Slenderman tends to scare the shit out of me