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Keagan Ilvonen 07/14/12 04:24 PM

The Amory Wars Coming To The Big Screen
Claudio Sanchez of Coheed and Cambria's graphic novel series The Amory Wars has been picked up to be made into a movie. Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson will produce the movie.

Bryan Mac 07/14/12 04:27 PM

Back when Mark Wahlberg was Marky Mark, this is how we used to make the party start.

bobcatbob18 07/14/12 04:29 PM


Claudio is doing the score too, right? WISHFUL THINKING!

XenoLovegood 07/14/12 04:31 PM

Oh god yes, this is awesome!

iseeumonkey 07/14/12 04:32 PM

Fuck yeah!

And new album this fall! Double fuck yeah!

Protested Hero 07/14/12 04:34 PM

Oh. My. Fucking. God.

Portugal4142 07/14/12 04:34 PM

Claudio Sanchez and Mark Wahlberg.. never thought I'd see those two names in the same sentence. Awesome news.

_veges_ 07/14/12 04:43 PM

This is really cool, even if it feels like it should've been posted April 1st

Supernova 07/14/12 04:43 PM

This. Is. Awesome.

Totally did not expect this as the announcement Claudio was hinting at.

James_Kilgannon 07/14/12 04:47 PM

So excited.

whiterussian 07/14/12 05:04 PM

I've never read them, and know little about the whole story, but this sounds like an amazing situation.
Kudos to Claudio.

RyanGarner 07/14/12 05:05 PM

Beyond excited for this.

low_rising 07/14/12 05:15 PM

holy shit, this is huge news, really glad for claudio.

wall e 07/14/12 05:21 PM

Holy shit

JesseKilgannon 07/14/12 05:49 PM

Best thing ever. Total boner.