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Christian Wagner 07/15/12 08:59 PM

Fright Festevil
Our friends at Property of Zack have gotten the scoop on a new festival called the "Fright Festevil." You can read the details here.

bobsheiskawy 07/15/12 09:13 PM

headliners will be vampires everywhere!

Craig Ismaili 07/15/12 09:24 PM

^^^Hope that was sarcasm

Wake Up 07/15/12 09:26 PM

what a scoop!

TheRealJohnOC 07/15/12 10:59 PM

Well, you can count out All Time Low from playing.

Alex DiVincenzo 07/16/12 12:48 AM

I'm not sure I would call that a scoop.

mr_raccoon 07/16/12 05:02 AM

A horror and halloween themed festival? That has...

..been done before and MTV only did it once haha

wall e 07/16/12 05:42 AM

Fright Fest was cool at my Six Flags when it was free, now it's way overpriced.

ConnorCorruptNJ 07/16/12 07:47 AM

too bad AltPress tweeted this days ago.