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Adam Pfleider 07/17/12 12:01 PM

Brian Cook's Rejected Daughters Book
Brian Cook (Russian Circles, These Arms Are Snakes, Botch) recently submitted a draft to the 33 1/3 book series. Unfortunately he didn't make the cut, but you can read the 2000-word first draft about Daughters here.

circletheworld 07/17/12 12:18 PM

can't wait to read this

seanthethief 07/17/12 12:55 PM

awesome read. maybe I was never into the right music but I never understood the appeal of the self-destructive artist that he describes so thoroughly here. It always seemed so cheap and pointless (GG Allin, for example - whom Cook mentions).

SHESmyRUSHMORE 07/17/12 01:21 PM

All I want is new daughters music. I can't wait to read this after work.

Bryan Mac 07/17/12 01:32 PM

This was a good read. Made me want to give Hell Songs a second chance.

justlikehoney 07/17/12 01:41 PM

one of the most underrated band ever, nice to see someone not shitting on hell songs for once.

harveyn590 07/17/12 01:52 PM

o my god I can not wait to read this!

IWasHerHorse 07/17/12 02:16 PM

Nice, I always like Brian Cook's writing, and I was in love with Hell Songs for a long time. Too bad it's not getting printed though.

Edit: Just read it, I wish he would have gotten the chance to write the whole thing, I hardly ever meet anyone who I feel like really gets Hell Songs.

signal to noise 07/17/12 03:07 PM

theres an insane wait list on this book series if you want to submit one. i'd totally do a Thursday one if there wasn't.

Steve Muskopf 07/17/12 04:51 PM

excited to read the whole thing eventually. this is a kickstarter id back.

InaGreendase 07/17/12 05:58 PM

Naw, Hell Songs still sucks. 2nd-rate Arab on Radar.

But Canada Songs and self-titled? Backed. Their discography's like a shit sandwich with gourmet multi-grain bread.

I only got to see them live once and I do remember it being pretty weird, but not quite to the levels described here. Guess I just missed out on some weird shit.

evannn 07/17/12 07:23 PM

Pretty sure Daughters isn't enough of an iconic band for this book series.

JoshCool7717 07/17/12 08:10 PM

Good read. Wish there was more. And Hell Songs is pretty bad ass.

crf1895 07/17/12 10:11 PM

isn't Clarity on the wait list? i don't even know how this works and the criteria, but having a book about one of the best records of the past century would be kind of very awesome.

PIG DESTROYER 07/18/12 01:50 AM

Damn. I'd read that book. Listening to their self titled right now, SO good. What a challenging band.