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Thomas Nassiff 07/17/12 06:19 PM

The Gaslight Anthem "Handwritten" Music Video
The Gaslight Anthem's new music video for "Handwritten" can be watched here. We have an interview with Kevin Slack, the director of the video, going up on the site tomorrow.

emerson1892 07/17/12 08:48 PM

So much Gaslight, love it!

TheModernAge 07/17/12 08:50 PM

My Mac won't let me open that page saying it is a security risk. Fuck.

iAMhollyood315 07/17/12 08:52 PM

I think this song is as good as or better than 45. i just fucking feel it. this coming monday seeing Gaslight for the first time will be about equivalent to me see Taking Back Sundays headline spring tour in 2003 for the first time.

Thomas Nassiff 07/17/12 08:53 PM

My favorite on the record along with "Mulholland Drive" and "Desire."

mikeyg003 07/17/12 08:54 PM

i told myself i wouldnt listen to any tracks (besides 45) until i got the record. i couldnt do it. and god damn that video is fantastic.

crf1895 07/17/12 08:56 PM

oh my god.

dpatrickguy 07/17/12 08:58 PM

Whats up with Brian's hand movements haha?

Cursethishearse 07/17/12 08:58 PM

Ok, that was amazing.

plns 07/17/12 09:01 PM

Holy shit, that video was great. Hearing this song for the first time kind of brings back feelings of when I heard The 59 Sound (song, not album) for the first time. I did have a chuckle seeing them playing guitars that weren't plugged in though.

Edit: Also, the director/crew/band/whoever deserves some recognition for how well they accurately set that video in the 60s (probably?) The cars, clothing, house decor, everything.

Edit 2: Well, I wrote this before I saw the end. That got dark pretty fast. Edit 3: Nevermind, I enjoyed the outcome.

If I'm understanding, every main character is all the same guy at different points in his life? Or does it follow the life of a record through different owners?

emerson1892 07/17/12 09:03 PM

Great video and song!

Thomas Nassiff 07/17/12 09:06 PM


Originally Posted by dpatrickguy (Post 110749702)
Whats up with Brian's hand movements haha?

Let the man preach.

Jaytothesyg 07/17/12 09:07 PM

Fantastic video

crf1895 07/17/12 09:07 PM

who the fuck dislikes this video, song, band or the people related to it?


JayDanielHammer 07/17/12 09:08 PM

Amazing. This is the song I find myself always picking to listen to first when I sit down.