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Jake Denning 07/19/12 12:26 AM

Solid State Signs Fit For A King
Solid State Records have signed Fit For A King. You can check out their music video for "Descendants" in the replies. The band will enter the studio to record their brand new record on September 5th, with producer Andreas Magnusson (Oh Sleeper, Haste The Day, Impending Doom).

Jake Denning 07/19/12 12:26 AM

theintention 07/19/12 01:48 AM

That's creative. A 2 and a half minute breakdown. Oh Solid State..

GetUpAndrew 07/19/12 03:36 AM

Pretty boring.

Steve Alcala 07/19/12 05:38 AM

I love the production choice but Descendants was so damn tedious and boring.

Capulet 07/19/12 05:43 AM

album is awsome... solid ass band

jasonisasleep 07/19/12 06:46 AM

strange that they are from my old home town (first 15 years of my life), Longview, TX...worse that they stayed there...but now i guess they'll be on the road all the time so good for them.

ConnorCorruptNJ 07/19/12 07:23 AM

band is good, nice to see them finally get signed. my friend have played with them before, chill dudes.

ActOfPeace 07/19/12 07:52 AM

All the song is just a big breakdown

tippy325 07/19/12 08:02 AM

That was horrid. I could barely stomach it... >.<

WeltallAY 07/19/12 08:02 AM

This song fits with the flow of the album but it shouldn't have had a video made of it - too simple of a song. I've rest of the album is truly better, I really like the ambient clean vocals. I'll post links to better choices later. Andreas has yet to produce anything mediocre so I know this cd will deliver.

xsinkshipsx 07/19/12 08:26 AM

so this is solid state's version of impending doom. cool.

rushour144 07/19/12 09:44 AM


Originally Posted by theintention (Post 110799612)
That's creative. A 2 and a half minute breakdown. Oh Solid State..

THIS! And long live Mr. White haha! Just watched all 4 seasons in 2 1/2 weeks...how did I not watch this show sooner?

xananomaly 07/19/12 10:01 AM

Short, sweet and heavy, there's nothing wrong with it. Hope these guys write a bit of faster stuff for the next record though, that would be cool.

CPF--FBR 07/19/12 10:01 AM

Is this the same FFAK that did "Oh Crap! We're in Neutral"?

guitarguy211 07/19/12 10:31 AM

That bass is so gnarly.

Greg.Kushlan 07/19/12 12:03 PM

More like Fit for a Toilet.

phillipjacob 07/19/12 02:51 PM

Solid signing. (pun intended).

TRUDYNEWMAN 07/19/12 05:08 PM

junjunjunjunnjjjjunnnnnn. oh lord.

AprilFools 07/20/12 12:49 PM

All the haters need to give this band a little credit.
They self-funded and self-recorded this whole album.
They carried out a label's worth of promo like videos and artwork to get themselves out there.

Every DIY band take note, that's how it's done.