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Jason Tate 07/19/12 09:47 AM

Stream New Menomena Track
A new Menomena track off their upcoming album, Moms, can be heard here.

Submitted by brook183

Jeff_Ryan 07/19/12 10:21 AM

Sounds good. I'm glad they're putting a new album out

Anthony Sorendino 07/19/12 11:01 AM

Glad to hear news about these guys!

brook183 07/19/12 01:07 PM

After about 7 listens, this song holds up well. Album should be great.

jrtbighurt 07/19/12 01:35 PM

Sounds good to me.

underthetalking 07/19/12 06:01 PM

This is sick. So glad these guys are still going even after all the in-fighting.

CutTheStrings 07/19/12 07:11 PM

Great song. Menomena never disappoint.

StartAngry&Mad 07/19/12 08:16 PM

Great song! Mines was phenomenal! And it sounds like the two of them had great chemistry writing the new album, which is always welcome to hear - hate hearing bands say they're not enjoying making their music or its straining their friendship.

kazuma_ootaro28 07/20/12 03:48 AM

Very Albarn-esque indeed. Excited for this album, but if the songs are more like this one... wow!

punk shawn 07/20/12 09:48 PM

These guys lost a key member and still didn't disappoint. I was worried, but this song sent my worries packing. September 18th is going to be a hell of a day: Menomena and Grizzly Bear albums drop.