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Kelly Doherty 07/24/12 01:32 PM

This Is Your Life - Before We Fade Away
This Is Your Life-Before We Fade Away
Record Label: Glass Nails Records
Release Date: September 4, 2012

Are you looking for some fist-pump inspiring, breakdown filled, ‘shout your lungs out’ worthy music with lots of heart, passion and energy? Of course you are and you’ve come to the right place. Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, This Is Your Life is a five piece that craft tunes of a melodic hardcore variety. Before We Fade Away is their debut album, and is the sort of release that makes one jump up and down on their sofa/bed/place of listening, with excited glee as they imagine themselves punching the air in the front row of a basement show. The band have been kicking about for two years and have already shown promise in a self-titled 7” and a tour EP, but Before We Fade Away is their first full length, and the big test to show if the promise has been made good on.

Made good on it most certainly has been. Every single track is dripping in energy, effort and a sense of urgency. The record is eased into by the instrumental title track, which works as an introduction to the high octane single “Arrivals And Departures”. Kicking off with a gang shout and panicky shouted vocals, which hold similarity with Bane’s Aaron Bedard’s, the track manages to be as heavy as a ball of magnets being held over an iron floor whilst maintaining a catchy bounce. Not once does a single instrument let up, with the guitars intertwining perfectly despite the intense speed of the track. Speed is a continuous theme throughout the entire release. Not for a second does the band slow down, to the point that the listener is well entitled to be slightly worried about their collective blood pressure. This doesn’t take away from their musicianship though. The band are certainly technically talented, not once does a note sound of the place, and as a whole they sound like they’ve been in the band business a lot longer than they have been. The vocals complement the instruments perfectly; the shouts fade into screams, creating a sense of urgency and integrity that stands out as a highlight of the album.

Before We Fade Away goes to great lengths to balance the melodic with the hardcore. Tracks such as “Blackout Curtains” and “Songs Of Experience” are just as heavy as anything a metal band could produce whilst having enough bounce, melody and energy to make it accessible. The album is finished off by ‘Into A Golden Age”, a track filled with desperate howls and some of the most impressive fret work of the release.

This Is Your Life has created an album which is very impressive. Flaws are few and what blips do exist are one’s that can be improved upon. Whilst their high tempo strategy would be somewhat amazing and certainly sweat inducing live, and is quite welcome on album, if This Is Your Life slowed down for a minute here or there, it may create room for them to expand their sound, however this can be improved as the band mature. Overall, Before We Fade Away is one of the most impressive debuts of the year so far and a sign of great things to come.

Tracklisting1. Before We Fade Away...
2. Arrivals And Departures
3. Anchor
4. Purgatory
5. Blackout Curtain
6. The Wall
7. 2905
8. High Tide
9. Distractions
10. Songs Of Experience
11. Real talk
12. ...Into A Golden Age

Recommended If You LikeBane; Gatherer; Have Heart; La Dispute; fist pumping


Archael 07/25/12 06:42 PM

Fuckin' amazing album like I swear to God.

Thisisyourlife 08/03/12 05:25 AM


Album is out today digitally! Check it out!

H.e.n.r.I. 09/01/12 03:08 PM

RIYL La Dispute and Gatherer?...will be checking this out.

H.e.n.r.I. 09/01/12 03:27 PM

HOLY FUCK THIS IS AWESOME! I am six tracks in on the stream on their bandcamp, and love it. Thanks so much!