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Keagan Ilvonen 07/28/12 10:44 AM

Billy Talent Release Track Listing
Billy Talent's track listing for their upcoming album, Dead Silence can be seen below.

Track Listing:
1. Lonely Road to Absolution
2. Viking Death March
3. Surprise Surprise
4. Running Across the Tracks
5. Love Was Still Around
6. Stand Up and Run
7. Crooked Minds
8. Man Alive!
9. Hanging By a Thread
10. Cure for the Enemy
11. Don’t Count on the Wicked
12. Show Me the Way
13. Swallowed Up by the Ocean
14. Dead Silence

Submitted by MarkJ801

Poochemist 07/28/12 10:46 AM

Gimme the album now!

ramomcferno 07/28/12 11:07 AM

Excited for new tunes from Billy Talent.

ConnorCorruptNJ 07/28/12 11:11 AM

14 tracks? I'm excited!

Miketheunicycle 07/28/12 11:58 AM

tracks names are good betting on a solid album

RyanGarner 07/28/12 12:31 PM

Finally a new album that's more than 10 or 11 tracks!

trindaddy 07/28/12 01:01 PM

Dead Silence? Need to get that to pro and avoid falling damage.

guill89 07/28/12 02:15 PM

14 tracks!?! Can't wait! This is a LOT of new music in 2012... and from Billy Talent, that's just great!

PetitnaindesĪles 07/28/12 02:39 PM

hopefully there won't be too many fillers... like Billy Talent III

Spencer Control 07/28/12 02:55 PM

III was a mistake, but I have such a good feeling about this, especially from the track titles. Please be standard Billy Talent awesome.

InfiniteArms 07/28/12 03:42 PM

Please sound like BT II at least.

tomtom94 07/28/12 03:51 PM

Looks awesome. Can't wait for September to roll around.

FalloutGuy 07/28/12 04:09 PM

Just off the title alone...Viking Death March will be awesome.

MarkJ801 07/28/12 04:35 PM


Originally Posted by FalloutGuy (Post 111150712)
Just off the title alone...Viking Death March will be awesome.

Haven't you heard it already?

handlikesecret 07/28/12 06:46 PM

c-c-c-combo breaker!