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Keagan Ilvonen 07/31/12 01:16 PM

American Me To Release New Album in Two Weeks
American Me's new album, III will be released on August 14 via Rise Records. The first single "Natural Enemy" can be heard in the replies.

Submitted by Java Nick

Keagan Ilvonen 07/31/12 01:16 PM

ZachMadeMeOdd 07/31/12 02:05 PM

This band had so much promise when Heat came out. It's truly an awesome heavy album. The last album was so overproduced and focused on breakdowns I didn't even think it was the same band. Hope the rest of the album picks up the pace, cause they hyped everyone up about going back to their original sound, yet this sounds like a SNM b side.

t00latef0rr0ses 07/31/12 02:24 PM

Too much cursing.

Capulet 07/31/12 02:30 PM

mean mean song, i dig dig dig

BobDylanismyman 07/31/12 02:50 PM

completely agree man, HEAT was soooo sick and this is exactly what you said. bummer

>to first post

Blink2226 07/31/12 03:41 PM

i read against me, and i was like WTf is this?

CastlesXClouds 07/31/12 04:41 PM


Originally Posted by t00latef0rr0ses (Post 111254152)
Too much cursing.

yea i dont like those words :/

Journey408 07/31/12 05:47 PM

baller. didn't even know they were releasing a new album til last night. thought they broke up

loved their first 2 albums

andrewa5 07/31/12 06:40 PM

great band

Ohaidere 08/01/12 04:36 AM

They're still on Rise? Wow

iAMhollyood315 08/01/12 06:22 AM

sounds terrible. literally it takes not talent to be on a label like Rise. every single metalcore band is starting to sound the same. and its a shame because I like heavy music, but its so fucking stagnant.