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Adam Pfleider 08/01/12 12:04 PM

Wednesday Spotlight: Mountain Man
There's something about the last year that has grappled me back into my "heavy" diet I weened off of some years back. With bands like Code Orange Kids, MilanKu and Full of Hell entering my life - I've definitely enjoyed the more sinister, unnerving and angrier side of music in 2012. Then there's Mountain Man's upcoming record. Two is unforgiving. From the opening beat down of "Home is a concept" to the closing exhaustion of "Take out the sun" (one of the best tracks of 2012), Mountain Man stake a claim in this decade's competition of tearing down walls and walls of inner ear structures. It's angry, violent and shows little to no remorse - everything a good hardcore record should be. It doesn't sound "bro" or cheap. It doesn't sound overly crafted and planned out. It's natural and decimating to the senses. Somewhere between the onslaught of The Chariot's debut and the aggression of Trash Talk's aura lies Two and it's ability to wake more than a few people up to an unprocessed feeling of anguish. You can check out a new track here. You can hear "Take out the sun" in the replies.

Adam Pfleider 08/01/12 12:05 PM

Dbollus 08/01/12 12:39 PM

This is gonna be so sick. Glad to see this style of aggressive and unforgiving hardcore making a huge comeback.

johnnyferris 08/01/12 01:00 PM

First time hearing these guys. Great hardcore!

Rodeo 08/01/12 02:15 PM

This is fucking wonderful.

StephenYoung 08/01/12 02:30 PM

Nice Milanku name drop. I played with them in like 2006 haha

Drew Beringer 08/01/12 02:32 PM

this band is fucking devastating, love love the EP

AReiss 08/01/12 02:51 PM

These guys are soooooo good. Bummer this isn't a full length.

fireandice31 08/01/12 03:12 PM

Fuck. Yes.

Alex DiVincenzo 08/01/12 03:27 PM

Band is awesome. Great live too. Can't wait to get my hands on Two.

dlaug 08/01/12 03:54 PM

Still holding out for new dangers, but this band satiates me for the time being.

swboyd 08/01/12 04:10 PM

This track is promising. Grief is an awesome record too.

brandon_260 08/01/12 06:28 PM

Mountain Man on A.V. Club. Fucking rad.

Big_Guy 08/01/12 07:27 PM

Band rules

kazuma_ootaro28 08/01/12 08:08 PM

So good!