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Deborah Remus 08/03/12 08:40 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive: The Holy Mess Song Stream
Today we've got another song from an upcoming Red Scare release and this time it's from The Holy Mess. Listen to "Within the Range of a Raven" on the band's AP.net profile or in the replies and let us know what you think. The song is off of Cande Ru Las Degas, which will be available on iTunes this Tuesday. Physical copies can be grabbed on August 14th. If you're into bands like The Menzingers, you'll definitely want to check this song out.

Deborah Remus 08/03/12 08:40 AM

The Holy Mess - Within the Range of a Raven

Deborah Remus 08/03/12 08:49 AM

I personally think it's a really awesome song.

get up kidd 08/03/12 09:03 AM

Bands awesome. Both songs have been great so far.

Thomas Nassiff 08/03/12 09:15 AM

I like this new record a good amount, going to review it soon.

J.Dick 08/03/12 11:04 AM

Pre-ordered this and the new Masked Intruder. Can't wait.

Jaytothesyg 08/03/12 11:04 AM

I've seen these guys a bunch of times with The Menzingers. Never really liked them too much but this song rules. I'll definitely check out the album

Star Slight 08/03/12 11:55 AM

Theyre great

Charlesieiy 08/03/12 12:17 PM

This song is way great.