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Christian Wagner 08/06/12 05:12 AM

Neighborhood Kids Releases First Single
Head to the replies to listen to the first Neighborhood Kids' (ex-Floral Terrace) song "What We've Been Missing."

Christian Wagner 08/06/12 05:12 AM

Crackbaby 08/06/12 05:21 AM

Oh shit this is fucking horrible.

Archael 08/06/12 10:23 AM


Originally Posted by Crackbaby (Post 111476672)
Oh shit this is fucking horrible.

I thought you were being harsh...At least until I actually listened to the song. God this is awful. So so bad. Worse than radio bad.

NorthstarPark 08/06/12 11:41 AM

I hope these kids never leave their neighborhood.

PerfectChaos337 08/06/12 12:02 PM

I remember catching part of a Floral Terrace live set once and don't remember them being all too bad. Really though, this some next level clown-act stuff. The song is so lame that it actually sounds like it's a parody of something. Jeez.