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Keagan Ilvonen 08/07/12 12:47 PM

Bad Books Love Forest Whitaker
Bad Books have released a new song called "Forest Whitaker" which you can find on Property of Zack.

Submitted by zack-182

_veges_ 08/07/12 01:11 PM

Sounds great

brook183 08/07/12 01:16 PM

I just watched "The Experiment" with Forest Whitaker, and it sucked so much. Glad this doesn't.

Also, this news title is a little misleading, as this is just a live acoustic performance.

PomonaForEmpusa 08/07/12 02:40 PM

i didnt even know they were doing another album.. if there's more songs like this, i can't wait.

Zummy 08/07/12 06:22 PM

Wow! I knew I was going to like this album and this song does not disappoint.

airik625 08/08/12 05:27 AM

Haha great song title. Hoping this album impresses me more than their debut.

jrtbighurt 08/08/12 08:21 AM

Great spot to put a cig. Haha

Zack Zarrillo 08/08/12 09:39 AM


Originally Posted by jrtbighurt (Post 111576132)
Great spot to put a cig. Haha

best part of all of it

heyimnic 08/08/12 11:22 AM

That cigarette just burning on the head of his guitar grosses me out.