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Jason Tate 08/10/12 10:24 AM

Coheed and Cambria Play New Single Live
Coheed and Cambria played their new eight minute single, "Domino: The Destitute," live for the first time last night. Check it out in the replies.

Submitted by Lysrothtuck

Jason Tate 08/10/12 10:24 AM

nineinchsin 08/10/12 10:24 AM

They played it before last night

Protested Hero 08/10/12 10:33 AM

^ What he said. Regardless, awesome song.

wtfjaked 08/10/12 10:34 AM

They played it the first time on the 7th. It's pretty awesome. I can't wait for the studio version.

St. James St. 08/10/12 10:36 AM


Originally Posted by nineinchsin (Post 111667172)
They played it before last night

Yeah, on the 7th, like it says in the title of the video.

iAMhollyood315 08/10/12 10:37 AM

damn 8 minutes huh? damn....this is insane. i'm re-excited for this band finally. are they still on the maiden tour?

wall e 08/10/12 10:42 AM

must not listen til full recording erhghhghg

RobisLegend 08/10/12 10:46 AM

Pretty good. Def more IKS than YOTBR. Curious to see how studio production can affect the sound though.

low_rising 08/10/12 10:51 AM

song slays.

crutchfield 08/10/12 10:54 AM

Really excited for this album. Hated the muddy production on that last album.

Feenucks 08/10/12 11:23 AM

That was amazing!!! A bit long for a "single" but I absolutely love it. I can wait to hear the studio version. Like someone else said, this definitely sounds closer to In Keeping Secrets.

blessphemy 08/10/12 11:25 AM

gotta say this sounds solid, ive been missing the certain mystery and charm they had on the first three albums, last two seemed so not co ca

Asthenia-182 08/10/12 11:28 AM

Sounds fun again. This album is sounding great.

SteveD 08/10/12 11:36 AM

Cannot wait.