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Jack Appleby 08/10/12 02:45 PM

Pebaluna Life
Hit the replies to watch Pebaluna (Matt Embree of RX Bandits) perform the title track from their upcoming full-length, Carny Life. The album is due September 18 via Embree's MDB Records.

Jack Appleby 08/10/12 02:45 PM

Jack Appleby 08/10/12 02:46 PM

Love the vibe. Her voice is incredible.

recall reality 08/10/12 04:30 PM

So stoked for this! Absolutely love her voice here. The album version of "No, I Cant" is just lovely.

Highly recommend GDB's The Space Between and any of the hip-hop she (and Matt) are involved with if you dig this.

Joey-Wan Kenobi 08/10/12 11:28 PM


ben mears 08/12/12 12:45 PM

not really my cup of tea but i can def respect any band that has a singer that can actually sing.

SilenceBrokenTT 08/12/12 03:41 PM

I remember Greta Salpeter looking a lot hotter in The Hush Sound.

Really though, song sounds great, and whoever that chick is does have a great voice.