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Jason Tate 08/15/12 01:39 PM

Lower Than Atlantis Post Video
You can hear a new Lower Than Atlantis song called "Normally Strange" in the replies.

Submitted by Mario57

Jason Tate 08/15/12 01:39 PM

billy_yo 08/15/12 01:49 PM


DIRTYNOUVEAU 08/15/12 01:59 PM

i dig these guys. last couple of albums were tight.

jaredohgren 08/15/12 02:12 PM

are burlesque dancing girls the new thing to put behind your videos.

Born_For_This 08/15/12 02:14 PM

Really good song. Last album was brilliant, especially the bonus tracks and opening 4 tracks.

ShotgunGold 08/15/12 02:15 PM

I'm impressed. Much better than "Love Someone Else".

jasonisasleep 08/15/12 02:49 PM

awesome, love the low tuned guitars. i love when bands like this and Thrice use tunings this low, it's refreshing.

Capulet 08/15/12 04:32 PM

i like

LGFUAD21 08/15/12 04:34 PM

This band are going to be the next big British rock group for sure. Already getting some BBC airplay.

audiomatic 08/15/12 07:56 PM

cannot wait for this release. these lads are brilliant!

GetUpAndrew 08/16/12 01:29 AM

Great song. I freakin' love this band.