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Joe DeAndrea 08/16/12 11:28 PM

Analog Rebellion Album Art
The cover art for Analog Rebellion's upcoming album, Full Frontal, can be seen in the replies.

Joe DeAndrea 08/16/12 11:28 PM

irthesteve 08/16/12 11:29 PM


Cody Nelson 08/16/12 11:34 PM

There's no way this guy's still around.

Jason Tate 08/16/12 11:39 PM


WhoSaidThat? 08/16/12 11:45 PM

More like StormPOOPer!

schumach5 08/16/12 11:55 PM

Go away.

WRLD ART 08/16/12 11:56 PM

Wow. I bought all of this guys records, I am just not excited for this.

mena 08/17/12 12:09 AM

It's crazy how far this guy's fallen. Name change and all downhill from there.

MSIndulgence 08/17/12 12:19 AM

In before 'banalog rebellion'

DisenShaanted 08/17/12 12:19 AM

It's like Death Grips for whiter people.

irthesteve 08/17/12 12:22 AM

I miss PRP!

deezee 08/17/12 12:24 AM

From a major label deal at a young age to this B.S. :-d

Nah, I don't care about any of this -- just jumping on the hate train. But yeah, that artwork is terrible.

Andy Young 08/17/12 12:28 AM

That artwork can't be serious....

musicfan101 08/17/12 01:11 AM

i really dont think thats the real artwork, i think he was just trolling. and his music as analog rebellion is actually really good! check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSJ9WTQLr8k