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Keagan Ilvonen 08/20/12 09:17 AM

Green Day and Angry Birds?
Head to the replies to watch a clip of the game Angry Birds Friends featuring Green Day.

Submitted by antiradio

Keagan Ilvonen 08/20/12 09:18 AM

Craig Ismaili 08/20/12 09:21 AM

upcoming as in currently playable on facebook. its pretty fun.

matt_bergeron 08/20/12 09:22 AM


suicidalmoose 08/20/12 09:23 AM

lol ok

MarPontes 08/20/12 09:25 AM

haha, awesome.

theHECKLER 08/20/12 09:26 AM


hiddentrack 08/20/12 09:36 AM

nice hashtag haha #greendaypigs

sammyboy516 08/20/12 09:37 AM

Hahaha they're the pigs

irthesteve 08/20/12 09:54 AM


t3hmilkman923 08/20/12 09:55 AM

just beat it, if youre just in it for the song...just dont, trust me. but if you must, just get the golden grenade on lvl 3

deezee 08/20/12 09:58 AM

They would be pnunk rock pigs :-d

Lawliet 08/20/12 10:02 AM

up the punx, jesus christ

buddah knome 08/20/12 10:04 AM

Support everything they do but NO!

EastCoastVans 08/20/12 10:24 AM

That exclusive song clip is probably the worst thing I have ever heard Green Day do, and I liked Oh, Love.