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Drew Beringer 08/20/12 12:23 PM

Pre-Order The New As I Lay Dying Album
You can pre-order As I Lay Dying's new album Awakened here. The album comes out on September 25th.

xsinkshipsx 08/20/12 12:51 PM

sounds like as I lay dying

GetUpAndrew 08/20/12 01:25 PM

Totally forgot that they had a new record on the way, sweet.

Micklovin 08/20/12 02:13 PM

So keen for this record. One of the only heavy bands that gets me excited.

jesse_hitz 08/20/12 03:15 PM


theagentcoma 08/20/12 04:14 PM

even if it's more of the same, these guys are always fun.

Freud 08/20/12 04:57 PM


the_mango 08/20/12 07:35 PM

Very excited to hear an update about this. From the sound of things, it's a solid addition to a killer discography.