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Kyle Huntington 08/21/12 05:53 AM

∆ (alt-J) At Lowlands
Hit the replies to watch some live videos of (alt-J) performing live at this year's Lowlands festival including a fantastic performance of "Interlude 1" with The Kyteman Orchestra Choir.

Kyle Huntington 08/21/12 05:54 AM

acb1812 08/21/12 06:24 AM

Must see them live

Who Is Ryan? 08/21/12 07:14 AM

Just started listening to them recently.

botDs-r 08/21/12 07:42 AM

dumb name

TheHeretic 08/21/12 02:27 PM

I was there, it was indeed a fantastic performance. Album is one of the best of the year.

j4callen 08/21/12 03:07 PM


CaryGrant 08/21/12 07:32 PM

Absolutely one of the coolest bands right now.

Kyle Huntington 08/21/12 08:01 PM


Originally Posted by j4callen (Post 112099742)