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1000Julys 08/24/12 05:42 AM

It's alright :|

Searos 08/24/12 05:42 AM

This song is actually really good. It is catchy and a lot more memorable than their first new song. It seems very personal and at the same time the sound is good. Parts of it even remind me of Green Day.

birtcho 08/24/12 05:57 AM


Originally Posted by GetUpAndrew (Post 112180662)
The 16-years-old in me desperately wants to dig this.


JDubs66 08/24/12 06:02 AM

WOW this is really good! Great start to the new album so far! Really catchy song!

mms13 08/24/12 06:18 AM

Meh, it's good I guess. Kinda boring.

Joey-Wan Kenobi 08/24/12 06:33 AM


Originally Posted by mms13 (Post 112205052)
Meh, it's good I guess. Kinda boring.

I seriously thought I was listening to Green Day at first haha. This is definitely not a Sugar We're Goin' Down. Then again, I hated that song when I first heard it.. maybe it will be!

edit: ok, this chorus is catchy.

Alex26 08/24/12 06:44 AM

It's pretty good, really digging the lyrics! And it's pretty catchy! Another thing, it sounds more "grown up" if you know what I mean. So did The Reckless and the Brave. Very much looking forward to the album.

br10pb 08/24/12 07:18 AM

I love this song. I don't even know what to say. Has elements from everything from PUOSU through DW. Awesome.

JamesMichael 08/24/12 07:53 AM

Best song they have released in years. Chorus is catchy as as well!

danceIANdance 08/24/12 07:53 AM

If the whole record has this feel, I'll like it quite a bit.

herestoyoufla 08/24/12 08:02 AM

He's really into that vocal tone now, isn't he?

Definitely better than expected. I liked it better than anything off dirty work.

DevinDomino 08/24/12 08:31 AM

These last few songs have definitely been a step in the right direction. This is one of the catchiest tunes they've made.

emmx8D 08/24/12 08:58 AM

It's gonna grow on me. Definitely more of a crafty song than the ones they've released in the past few years.. you can hear the creativity in this one. also, love the pick up in the beginning. Cool jam overall!