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Jason Tate 08/24/12 01:51 PM

Big, Big Plans For The Starting Line
The Starting Line have "big, big plans" for a new announcement next week.

Submitted by 70x7brandnew

Ferrari333SP 08/24/12 01:52 PM

New album

algae 08/24/12 01:56 PM

New tanktop

tyler2tall147 08/24/12 02:02 PM

New over hyped announcement (I think it's another Florida date)

herestoyoufla 08/24/12 02:02 PM

Two date tour in Antarctica.

tonyt3524 08/24/12 02:05 PM

More dates.

daftpunker45 08/24/12 02:06 PM

But I mean...PUMPED.

drudo182 08/24/12 02:07 PM

Losing interest.

RyanFTW 08/24/12 02:07 PM

Mr.Kilgannon 08/24/12 02:08 PM

They said earlier they were trying to add second dates in these cities plus other dates, so it's probably just that.

texan4lif281 08/24/12 02:09 PM

At least it's next week instead of a month and a half like last time, or however long it was.

Slovo 08/24/12 02:10 PM


Originally Posted by tyler2tall147 (Post 112223162)
New over hyped announcement (I think it's another Florida date)

Wait... ANOTHER?!

Why did I buy a plane ticket to CA then?!

billyboatkid 08/24/12 02:12 PM

New record!!

has to be after that shit tour announcement. Still peeved about that.

anamericangod 08/24/12 02:18 PM

New album from The Dangerous Summer.

crf1895 08/24/12 02:20 PM

well, it got to mean something more than just a stupid tour.