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quickandsilver 08/24/12 02:25 PM

SILYMI vinyl...

Lirr168 08/24/12 02:39 PM

Probably just more tour dates like they had already hinted at, but they seem to be trying to hype every little announcement these days. Don't get me wrong - TSL is still my favorite band - but I could definitely do without all these pre-announcements and other teases.

Here's to hoping they prove me wrong and announce a new single or something...

buddah knome 08/24/12 02:40 PM

I wouldnt be suprised if it was an album. Every show but one sold out so they probably realize people still care about the band.

codeseven 08/24/12 02:42 PM


Originally Posted by drudo182 (Post 112223342)
Losing interest.


So sick of these fucking "big" disappointing announcements from bands lately.

StepsInADance 08/24/12 02:46 PM

It better not have anything to do with Say It Like You Mean It, or I will be pissed.

drudo182 08/24/12 02:50 PM


Originally Posted by codeseven (Post 112224842)

So sick of these fucking "big" disappointing announcements from bands lately.

I feel like it's constant with these guys though. Maybe it's because when they announce stuff, it's never anything I want and/or can attend. Come back or GET.

harveyn590 08/24/12 02:52 PM

wouldnt it be funny if this is how they announced their break up? lol itd so anticlimactic

**note, i like this band, just saying itd be funny

PirateSkater182 08/24/12 02:55 PM

I wish bands wouldn't make announcements for announcements. But I hope it's a full album/tour, or my interest is gone.

punchedbyagirl 08/24/12 03:08 PM

Jonny Craig joins The Starting Line.

Capulet 08/24/12 03:17 PM

new album

wall e 08/24/12 03:17 PM


Originally Posted by JamieTheSonger (Post 112222932)
New tanktop


PetitnaindesĪles 08/24/12 03:28 PM

they're mastering the art of announcing announcements. what's next

The Big Timer 08/24/12 03:37 PM

Announcements of upcoming announcements are lame and continually seeing them is getting annoying.

Mr_V1tr1oL 08/24/12 03:47 PM

Australian tour definitely

Manufactured Dreams 08/24/12 03:51 PM

New album please.