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Drew Beringer 08/28/12 09:11 AM

Alter The Press Presenets: Albums That Changed Anthony Green's Life
Head on over to Alter The Press to check out what albums changed Anthony Green's (Circa Survive) life.

ConnorCorruptNJ 08/28/12 09:27 AM

can't relate whatsoever haha.

abusedcat 08/28/12 09:29 AM

Frame and Canvas, wish I knew where my copy of that was.

InaGreendase 08/28/12 09:40 AM

Seeing Frame & Canvas live was slick as hell.

Ride the Lightning wasn't bad either.

Zac Djamoos 08/28/12 10:06 AM


thesollopsist 08/28/12 11:22 AM

Very good choice with the Braid album.

brennanisarealboy 08/28/12 11:52 AM

Anthony Green. Braid. Too awesome.

HeavenResign 08/28/12 01:50 PM

The best thing about Circa releasing a new album (aside from the music itself) is all the awesome interviews we get from the band.

Also this quote is great:


The songs were about love but the lyrics were so clever and poetic, and the songs were so unpredictable and yet flowed in such a familiar and undeniable way. I'm still trying to replicate the feeling I get when I hear this album when I write anything, and I probably always will.