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Keagan Ilvonen 08/28/12 09:57 AM

Sufjan Stevens and Rosie Thomas 7" Split
Sufjan Stevens and Rosie Thomas have released a 7" split that you can stream and purchase.

getupguy222 08/28/12 10:10 AM

Maybe band camp just went up today, but this 7" has been available for a while now. I pre-ordered it and recieved it a few months back (april or may). Suf really loves the autotune these days. I enjoyed this release and Adz and espedially "All delighted people" but I guess I am one of those guys that longs for the next release with acoustics and banjos.

But hey, he's doing his thing, not following the pack. More power to him.

reid 08/28/12 10:26 AM

it was a record store day exclusive. only a handful of actual 7"s left now.

irthesteve 08/28/12 10:38 AM

it should also be noted that this is a remix to Rosie's song "Where Was I" by Sufjan as well as Sufjan's "response" song, so all 3 tracks together form a story of sorts

flash111111111 08/28/12 10:55 AM

i love both of these guys but this auto tune shit is hard to swallow

getupguy222 08/28/12 10:58 AM

I'm with you Flash.

Arry 08/28/12 01:02 PM

listen to rosie thomas sing, and then listen to her talk. it's mind blowing.

low_rising 08/28/12 01:18 PM

would love a new sufjan record though.

dearmsterri 08/28/12 01:25 PM


Originally Posted by low_rising (Post 112363582)
would love a new sufjan record though.