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Keagan Ilvonen 08/29/12 11:42 PM

Kill The Teaser
Jump to the replies to watch a teaser for Green Day's video for "Kill The DJ."

Submitted by Light_Grenades

Keagan Ilvonen 08/29/12 11:42 PM

ibanez966 08/29/12 11:44 PM

I'd probably have the same thoughts if the DJ played this song.

spansen 08/29/12 11:45 PM


Originally Posted by ibanez966 (Post 112432342)
I'd probably have the same thoughts if the DJ played this song.

Well played.

Remember when Green Day was good?

whitelightning7 08/30/12 12:09 AM

I love the guitar riff of this song, but the rest of the song is so meh for me. Maybe it's a grower.

InvaderPhantom 08/30/12 12:13 AM

The video is already a million times better than the snore-fest that was Oh Love.

theHECKLER 08/30/12 12:20 AM

Just retire.

tomtom94 08/30/12 01:31 AM

It is something of a grower this. The songs they played on Zane Lowe's show (I think they played Carpe Diem and Fell For You) were so much better though. You have them to look forward to.

simplejack 08/30/12 03:41 AM

Green Day seems to come out with a masterpiece every 10 years: 1994 Dookie, 2004 American Idiot. Too bad they won't release anything in 2014.. I feel like Uno Dos Tré will be just another three Green Day albums..

punkcrap 08/30/12 06:02 AM

Am I the only one who really enjoyed this song? It's much better than 'Oh Love'

Clockwise 08/30/12 06:17 AM

Can't wait.

t3hmilkman923 08/30/12 08:10 AM

Green day haters are really fucking annoying, if you don't like them or prefer the "old green day" then shut the fuck up and go listen to dookie. No need to bash everything they do because they didn't take the musical path you wanted. Fucking annoying.

wtfjaked 08/30/12 09:19 AM

Personally would love to listen to any DJ than the shit that Green Day has become.

Searos 08/30/12 09:39 AM

I think the best music videos I have seen this year came from All American Rejects. Their new album may of not sold all that well but the videos were great and unique.

KEB182 08/30/12 09:56 AM

Love how he's dropping F-Bombs all over these new songs haha