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Keagan Ilvonen 08/30/12 01:00 AM

New YMAEWK EP Coming This Fall
Ben Liebsch stated on Tumblr that there will be a new You Me and Everyone We Know EP this Fall.

saddr weirdr 08/30/12 01:10 AM


Mattylikesfilms 08/30/12 01:21 AM

Cautiously stoked.

swimhockey 08/30/12 02:38 AM

I don't believe it... This is awesome

mattdefillippo 08/30/12 04:08 AM

hell yeah!

incognitojones 08/30/12 04:46 AM

Sweet, these dudes have released some of my favorite EP's. Should be great.

Johnny Famous 08/30/12 04:48 AM

YES! very happy with this news.

jusscali 08/30/12 05:05 AM

They were always awesome.

B.Leibo 08/30/12 05:37 AM

I thought they were donzo because of the whole money stealing thing...

EndlessPrisoner 08/30/12 05:48 AM

This is just Ben, as far as we know.

Slovo 08/30/12 05:53 AM

Sweet baby jesus this is great news.

DanTGD 08/30/12 05:58 AM

Someone needs to stick up all the Daniel Bryan YES gifs they can find.

bduke13 08/30/12 06:14 AM

yes yes yes yes!!!!!

billyboatkid 08/30/12 06:14 AM

Sickness. Hopefully it's awesome.

teh_erica 08/30/12 06:20 AM

Yes, please.