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Keagan Ilvonen 08/30/12 09:34 AM

Lupe Fiasco Track Listing
The track listing has been released for Lupe Fiasco's upcoming album, Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album.

Track Listing:
1. Ayesha Says (Intro)
2. Strange Fruition (Feat. Casey Benjamin)
3. ITAL (Roses)
4. Around My Way (Freedom Ain t Free)
5. Audubon Ballroom
6. B*tch Bad
7. Lamborghini Angels
8. Put Em Up
9. Heart Donor (Feat. Poo Bear)
10. How Dare You (Feat. Bilal)
11. Battle Scars (with Guy Sebastian)
12. Brave Heart (Feat. Poo Bear)
13. Form Follows Function
14. Cold War (Feat. Jane $$$)
15. Unforgivable Youth (Feat. Jason Evigian)
16. Hood Now (Outro)
17. Things We Must Do For Others

Submitted by WhoSaidThat?

ZEZEtheX 08/30/12 09:44 AM

Seems kind of lop-sided with those features.

irthesteve 08/30/12 09:49 AM

so stoked

Dustin Harkins 08/30/12 09:59 AM

I hope this is awesome.

Elscorcho2008 08/30/12 11:01 AM

Wasn't this supposed to be a double album?

Matt Chylak 08/30/12 11:25 AM


Originally Posted by Elscorcho2008 (Post 112447492)
Wasn't this supposed to be a double album?

part 2's coming out in january I think

ramomcferno 08/30/12 12:06 PM

So excited for this album! Everything released so far has been so good.

3eb23 08/30/12 12:21 PM

Woman good

Sherry116 08/30/12 12:40 PM

Can't get into this guy.

neo506 08/30/12 01:40 PM


TyroneShoolaces 08/30/12 02:10 PM

i love lupe

bang.bang.BANG! 08/30/12 02:33 PM

where's matthew santos? :(

albertad 08/30/12 02:58 PM


Originally Posted by bang.bang.BANG! (Post 112457022)
where's matthew santos? :(

THIS. well, I hope he has a guest spot that's just uncredited on the song but listed in the album. He makes Lupe songs more complete

ChristianLFTW 08/31/12 10:22 PM

Who the hell are any of those features?

DItaliaO 09/01/12 09:10 PM


Originally Posted by neo506 (Post 112455192)

the writer of the article clearly doesn't believe in self-responsibility