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Keagan Ilvonen 09/02/12 07:28 PM

Texas In July Post New Song
Jump to the replies to stream a new Texas In July track entitled "Cry Wolf."

Keagan Ilvonen 09/02/12 07:28 PM

sabres716 09/02/12 07:32 PM

Good stuff. Definitely looking forward to this album.

TwelveTribes230 09/02/12 07:46 PM

ABR rip-off

A Head 09/02/12 08:07 PM

Not bad, however they can't hold a candle to ABR...

cococrisp20 09/02/12 08:21 PM

Sounds alright. Sorta similar to "1000 Lies" though with better drumming, harder hitting breakdowns, and better guitar riffs.

buddah knome 09/02/12 09:01 PM

Not a fan of them but they are all very good at their instruments, and seemed like nice guys. Sounded good live on the TA tour.

savestheday3x3 09/02/12 09:43 PM

dont really care for this band.. but 1:28 was a really sick vocal pattern

johnnyferris 09/02/12 11:09 PM

I'll always support these guys. Song is awesome.

PetitnaindesĪles 09/03/12 03:40 AM

good to hear they still 100% sound like abr

dtomczak 09/03/12 08:52 AM

certainly an improvement from last album, but they're still stuck making the same song 100 different ways. could use some variety.

Greg090793 09/03/12 10:18 AM

Stepping up on the drums again. Love Adam Gray

Acad08 09/03/12 11:06 AM

Awesome, sounds great!

Miketheunicycle 09/03/12 01:51 PM

pretty good song stepped up instrumentally for sure

ramomcferno 09/03/12 05:02 PM

Solid song. Looking forward to hearing the rest of it.