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Jason Tate 09/04/12 09:34 AM

Owen Teases New Song
Owen has posted up part of a new song.

Submitted by Brian vs Shark

bradsonemanband 09/04/12 09:43 AM

1. this song rules!
2. how is it that this guy is incapable of writing a bad song?
3. how does he play guitar like that so easily/perfectly?
4. i want to be Mike Kinsella...

Fame<Infamy 09/04/12 10:08 AM

^ Pretty much.

drumogre1420 09/04/12 10:47 AM

Thank God! Ghost Town was fucking phenomenal... need more Owen!!!!!!

drewinseries 09/04/12 11:03 AM

Wow that was fantastic.

nbtobias 09/04/12 11:21 AM

always so good

Jordachejeans91 09/04/12 11:27 AM

Awesome as usual

hf57 09/04/12 12:10 PM

can't wait another year for a new owen record... mike is just too good at what he does.

LetterBomb31 09/04/12 02:16 PM


xhmnimx 09/04/12 02:42 PM

Sounds so good.

Brian vs Shark 09/04/12 04:59 PM

He is my fucking idol... I also love how I always submit his news