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Adam Pfleider 09/04/12 10:53 AM

2012's Absolute 100: Part Four
And here we are at the end of the list. For the fourth and final round of this year's Absolute 100, we reached out to our friends over at Alter the Press! to add to the excitement. Thanks to the staff of AP.net and the AbsoluteVoices community for a wonderful list this year. Who blew you away? Who is your new favorite band? Who were you glad to see make the list? Head to the replies and let us know what you thought and who we dropped the ball on.

muffinman777 09/04/12 11:14 AM

Bigfoot Wallace!

brandon_260 09/04/12 01:19 PM

Mountain Man and Adventures are both awesome. Glad to see they made the list. Weird that TJ is on there though.

daftpunker45 09/04/12 02:20 PM

B&C and Tigers Jaw. PA represent.

Lallysup 09/04/12 03:42 PM

Camden yo

BTBAM777 09/04/12 04:14 PM

Father John Misty better make this list. My favorite album of the year is his.

Keagan Ilvonen 09/04/12 04:29 PM

From Indian Lakes yo.

Psib 09/04/12 04:44 PM

I fucking love Tigersjaw!

KarlAnthonyyy 09/04/12 05:50 PM

You guys should throw together a Spotify playlist of the Absolute 100. That would rule.

forget_december 09/05/12 03:25 AM

I'm so stunned but so happy to see Living Room on the list! I just found out about them a few months ago and I've been hooked ever since.

yayitsjoe 09/05/12 07:45 AM

so much PA love.