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Alex DiVincenzo 09/04/12 01:40 PM

Vanna Cover Nine Inch Nails
Watch Vanna perform “Eyes Like the Tides” and a cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Perfect Drug" in the replies. You can purchase them, along with a bonus Nirvana cover, here.

Alex DiVincenzo 09/04/12 01:40 PM

Journey408 09/04/12 01:54 PM

c'mon n00bs Nirvana have other songs besides Breed

whiterussian 09/04/12 02:48 PM

Very well executed, although I don't like hearing NIN with hardcore vocals, it needs dynamics.

I like this live video format. It's a great way to show a band's quality.

Supernovacaine 09/04/12 02:58 PM

weird to not be hearing Evan's clean vocals.. new guy is doing alright

PerfectChaos337 09/04/12 03:19 PM

Band rules so hard. That will be all.

George_mm 09/04/12 03:33 PM


Originally Posted by Supernovacaine (Post 112630232)
weird to not be hearing Evan's clean vocals.. new guy is doing alright

Yup. Doesnt really feel like vanna without him

iAMhollyood315 09/04/12 06:40 PM

band consists of the nicest group of guys, Nick especially.

Ismael182 09/04/12 07:14 PM

I was looking forward to the NIN cover but, I fucking hate the screaming. It's horrendous, not my thing. The only thing I sorta liked (and only reason I kept listening) was to hear how they would do the drum solo, which was kinda cool I guess..

iseejosh 09/04/12 08:08 PM

I really hope to see this bad blow up like Memphis May Fire has. They deserve it, some of the nicest most genuine dudes ever. Not to mention their new record is a fucking masterpiece.