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Keagan Ilvonen 09/04/12 05:13 PM

Be In The Gaslight Anthem's New Music Video
The Gaslight Anthem are filming their music video for "Here Comes My Man" this Friday in the NYC/NJ area. If you are over 18 years old and want to be in the video, send an email with a photo and all of your contact information.

smoke4thecaper 09/04/12 05:16 PM

This song is destined to be huge. 45 did pretty good, but this feels like a top 10 alt rock hit.

blimpcityhero11 09/04/12 05:18 PM

Given that it's listed on the sticker when you buy the album, I'm not surprised they're using this as a single. However, I think I'd love "Desire" or "Mulholland Drive" would be much better choices. Not that it matters. The entire album is fantastic.

ghelms88 09/04/12 05:34 PM

Love the song. Hope I can make it to the music video, depending on what time it is.

Ollie McKraut 09/04/12 05:39 PM

Good song. Shit, every song on that record is good. Psyched to see what they do with it!

smoke4thecaper 09/04/12 05:39 PM

Next single ought to be "Desire." Perfect radio jam.

trolland10 09/04/12 05:55 PM

can't wait for this single to be released, this one could be their biggest hit

Keele 09/04/12 05:57 PM

Whole album is awesome.

xHoodieWeather 09/04/12 06:04 PM

Howl should be a single. Song is massive. Not much of a structure, but would be stoked to hear it while driving.

SteveD 09/04/12 06:25 PM

Perfect single! My second favorite song by them right behind Handwritten.

Ryan Gardner 09/04/12 06:37 PM

Easily my favorite song off the record

ChrisCanberg 09/04/12 07:06 PM

Definitely the best song off this record and I'll definitely send my info in.

CBKRP 09/04/12 07:41 PM

First bad choice as a single off the new record, terrible terrible song..

pray_tell 09/04/12 08:09 PM

Quite possibly my favorite track of the record, hope it catches on!

Hagysaurus Rex 09/04/12 08:10 PM

I ended up loving this album, but not really this song. They should have done a video for Blue Dahlia instead. (I know it's a B Side. Don't care. I still love that song(