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Jason Tate 09/05/12 09:40 AM

Dahvie Vanity Turns 28
It's Dahvie Vanity's 28th birthday today. Yup.

Submitted by Fame<Infamy

Jeff_Ryan 09/05/12 09:43 AM

Maybe this is the year he learns to act his fucking age

lol prolly not tho

Cody Nelson 09/05/12 09:50 AM

How old is it in human years?

circletheworld 09/05/12 09:54 AM

VeryWittyName 09/05/12 09:55 AM

He gets older, 14 year old girls stay the same.

EmoErk 09/05/12 09:55 AM

i thought he was like 20/21 but then again i know nothing about him besides that rape thing. he is one month older than me.. haha wow. he needs some kind of help

xtbs7645x 09/05/12 09:57 AM

Dustin Harkins 09/05/12 09:57 AM

"That's the great thing about girls who like my music, I get older, they stay the same age"

EDIT: Dammit, VeryWittyName beat me to it.

guitarguy211 09/05/12 10:03 AM


Originally Posted by circletheworld (Post 112655672)

You win. Rowan Atkinson should be the reply to everything.

kidinthebushes 09/05/12 10:12 AM

No way is he 28. He looks/acts like an 18 year old.

Fame<Infamy 09/05/12 10:18 AM


Originally Posted by kidinthebushes (Post 112656332)
No way is he 28. He looks/acts like an 18 year old.

18 is even too old to look/act the way he does.

Dre Okorley 09/05/12 10:20 AM

Ugh, we're the same age.

Ponyboy 09/05/12 10:28 AM



ylliB sivaD 09/05/12 10:38 AM

Only to figure out who the hell he is.

Crackbaby 09/05/12 10:40 AM

Well yeah I clicked it, I didn't even know who the fuck Dahvie Vanity is. Now I know. Oh, why did I Google "Dahvie Vanity". Why.