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luqmanhakim 09/06/12 01:47 AM

Sup metaphorical Skrillex.

dohare 09/06/12 05:19 AM


woominlee2 09/06/12 08:24 AM


Originally Posted by stevenisfading (Post 112683862)
Considering Lights didn't even have a high of a spins-per-station count I'm surprised you're that sick of it.
Call Me Maybe though? I'd be sick of hearing it if I worked in radio.


Do people even know anything about her?

A+ video. It's my third favorite video of hers.

Oh? Maybe, we are playing it less and less at work.
However, the song just reached #1 a few weeks ago on AT40.


kaylasananjou 09/06/12 10:50 AM


Originally Posted by TheRealJohnOC (Post 112681662)
Ah she shaved her head on the left side. Oh Sonny...

She's had that hairstyle for years...way before she was dating him. In fact, so many people besides him have had that hairstyle. I find it so asinine that people refer to it as a "Skrillex" cut.

This album is going to be so good, though. I'm hoping there will be a couple stripped down songs like "The Writer" on there too, though.

JCSurf27 09/06/12 03:06 PM

Songs good. Couldn't watch the video after the close up of her in the beginning and not seeing eyebrows. No eyebrows freaks me out.

theherox 09/06/12 07:34 PM

i still hate this...maybe that'll change over time, but I don't feel like giving it a chance will change anything

tefarez 09/08/12 06:01 PM

there was some cool visuals

that hair, not one of them