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lfdfforever 09/06/12 09:03 AM

Thomas Nassiff 09/06/12 09:21 AM

the band is bad but the video is worse. or is it the other way around? tied for worst maybe?

phaynes1 09/06/12 09:37 AM

Revenge of the Denning

Drew Beringer 09/06/12 09:38 AM

so is Larry Fitzgerald in this band or was that just a guest vocalist? cuz I don't see him in any of the band's promo photos.

dashboardkid88 09/06/12 10:01 AM


Originally Posted by Bryan Mac (Post 112686502)
Stop cutting your arms and slit your throat.

I see what you did thereeeeee.

Freshman15Davey 09/06/12 10:08 AM

I'd rather drink an Afterbirth Milkshake... This is awful.

Jaytothesyg 09/06/12 10:42 AM

Why does this band exist

MMarker 09/06/12 12:34 PM

That was bad.

Really bad.

brandon_260 09/06/12 01:08 PM


Originally Posted by Jake Denning (Post 112688262)
TRC kick so much ass. Can't wait for their next album.

Nvr chng.


Ponyboy 09/06/12 01:39 PM


DemBitties 09/06/12 02:16 PM

Don't really get the hate. This shit is hilarious. Haha.

Twikki 09/06/12 03:06 PM

I don't understand why people can uphold that mentality that women are this fucking piece of meat you throw around. I don't give a shit if i'm being superficial but I wouldn't have said no to either of those girls!

Bryan Mac 09/06/12 06:54 PM

I just decided to actually listen to this.

What the fuck. Why is Chris Hansen releasing this?

EastCoastVans 09/06/12 08:43 PM

I seriously don't believe this is a No Sleep artist. Limp Bizkit description is accurate.

TerrancePryor 09/06/12 09:53 PM

The Story So Far should release an EP called TRC.