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thedaywedied 09/07/12 04:23 AM

Not as stoked on this as I was the first song they released, but I'm looking forward to this album as a whole.

ramomcferno 09/07/12 08:48 AM

Solid tune. Should be another good album.

atssawriiight! 09/07/12 08:52 AM

this band's been losing it since after "the dead walk"

life is very long and 3750 are TAS's best albums.

everything after that is the most boring shit ever.

eclown14 09/07/12 02:07 PM

Continent is one of there best albums and wormwood was pretty good as well this song shows more of there hardcore side and people plz stp comparing acacia to emmure it gets old. Acacia will always be one of my favorite bands out there

theacaciashit 09/07/12 10:22 PM

Dead walk or bust...

Krs-One 09/07/12 11:00 PM

this is crazy and fucking awesome

what's the meaning of life anyway?

escapeartist19 09/09/12 09:07 PM

Fucking awesome! I don't know why there are so many haters, "Wormwood" is the best album by TAS, already pre-ordered! Stoked!