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Keagan Ilvonen 09/07/12 09:21 AM

"So Cold" Music Video
You can watch Further Seems Forever's new music video for "So Cold" on Spin.

kevinrguinn 09/07/12 09:24 AM

First! (Had to. I've never done this before)

kevinrguinn 09/07/12 09:28 AM

Honestly, I like the song way more after seeing this video. I like Chris with FSF.

Jason949 09/07/12 09:32 AM

song is so good

Say Hello 87 09/07/12 09:33 AM

i just want more tour dates

jordalsh 09/07/12 09:34 AM

I absolutely love this song. Can't wait for the album.

theagentcoma 09/07/12 09:37 AM

Agreed, I like this song even more after watching the clip. Can't wait for the album.

dicktony 09/07/12 09:38 AM

There is no excuse for how fucking awful the quality of the audio (not the song, dammit) is...wow. Spin or Rise, someone dropped the ball.

SuNDaYSTaR 09/07/12 09:39 AM

This song literally gave me goosebumps. So good.

ThaRealNC 09/07/12 09:40 AM

Love it.

guitarguy211 09/07/12 09:49 AM

Such a great song-that break at 2:44 is awesome!

uchiha 09/07/12 09:51 AM

that song quality is horrific, doesn't do the song justice at all

still love the song, can't wait for my pre-order

jasonisasleep 09/07/12 09:51 AM

love the song and the video...cannot wait for this album

june182 09/07/12 09:51 AM

I love all of this FSF news.

i like apples 09/07/12 09:52 AM

Will be my AOTY.