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xBranx 09/07/12 10:18 PM

Good stuff! Stoked to see Real Friends on some of those dates.

saddr weirdr 09/07/12 11:11 PM

Cobalt show is the same night as YC but I'm hitting up the Long Beach one for sure

likedyingy0ung 09/08/12 01:14 AM

Would mainly be going for Real Friends and Stickup Kid and they aren't gracing the Va date. Fucking hell.

xHoodieWeather 09/08/12 10:27 AM

same day as Mayday/The Maine, but i'll gladly go to this instead in denton 11/11.

Truman122 09/08/12 06:22 PM

Pumped to see Stickup Kid, and I guess WTP. The others, not so much.

chrisamnesty 09/09/12 11:04 AM

no northern california? ouch. right in the feels.

kamzillaaa 10/03/12 07:52 AM

I am obsessed with WTP, Real Friends and ICF. Why am I born, raised and still living in the Philippines :(