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Keagan Ilvonen 09/08/12 06:26 PM

Love Part I & II Coming To Vinyl
Shop Radio Cast will release Angels & Airwaves' Love Part I & II as a limited 4XLP. It is due out on October 25th on 180 Gram Black or colored vinyl, both limited to 500 copies each.

Submitted by JennaJames

Say Hello 87 09/08/12 06:28 PM

damn, was hoping for a new record or new tour

daftpunker45 09/08/12 06:28 PM

Pretty cool. I loved both Love albums.

Jake Jenkins 09/08/12 07:49 PM

Does it come with a pillow

Bnash577 09/08/12 08:56 PM

Nice, but I would rather just buy Pt. 2 on 180 gram :/

galkain 09/08/12 10:02 PM

I want it but $50. Eh I'll stick with my CD copies

Simonthm 09/09/12 12:35 AM

Ordered the colored discs, so pumped. Shop radio cast always does it big.

Now we just need them to repress SILYMI by the starting line and then we're talkin'

davecerv 09/09/12 04:57 AM

This is cool but, I only want Love Part I :/ They should've done a individual option. Anyways it would be so great if I-Empire ever gets pressed!

EvilZeppelin 09/09/12 06:37 AM

I'd like to see self-titled. I wish I had the monies to do this right now.

Jeff_Ryan 09/09/12 07:06 AM


Originally Posted by SophGod (Post 112767972)
Does it come with a pillow

I lol'ed

kidinthebushes 09/09/12 08:51 AM

I would have bought their first record on vinyl but none of the other releases did much for me.

Stephin_DC 09/09/12 08:56 AM

Whisper needs to come out on vinyl

Searos 09/09/12 11:02 AM

I actually never listened to these albums. I guess I should. People say neighborhoods sounded so much like AVA and I do see that as I listened to their first 2 albums but I guess I should check these out.

OurLadyCoolbean 09/09/12 01:13 PM


Originally Posted by EvilZeppelin (Post 112774732)
I'd like to see self-titled. I wish I had the monies to do this right now.

They don't have a self-titled album

Alexx Miller 09/09/12 02:14 PM

Definitely would rather have We Don't Need to Whisper pressed.